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Extra Curricular Activities 

An important part of enjoying school years and growing socially comes from participation in extra-curricular activities. Island Christian School and Island Community Church offer a full variety of activities for Elementary and Junior/Senior High students. Each student in grades 7 - 12 is required to participate in a club and/or a sport to enhance a quality total education here at Island Christian School.
All extra-curricular activities are chosen and conducted in accordance with the school purpose, emphasizing the development of Christ-likeness through obedience to Biblical principles.
Junior Honor Society - Applications to the Society are given to students in grades 7 and 8 who have earned a cumulative un-weighted 3.5 GPA during the junior high grades. After the application and review process, select students will be invited to join the society. An induction ceremony is held in the spring.
Honor Society - Applications to the Society are given to students in grades 9 - 12 who have earned a cumulative un-weighted 3.5 GPA since entering ninth grade. After the application and review process, select students will be invited to join the society. An induction ceremony is held in the spring.
Hall of Fame --Members (students in grades 11-12) are selected each year by the student body and administrative vote. Semi-finalists submit information concerning their involvement in school, church, and community. Academic achievement, sports involvement, church attendance, church involvement, and the number of hours of community service are all considered in the administrative decision process for the Hall of Fame representatives. The Hall of Fame honor will remain with the student from the time of initial honor. Students will be introduced during the first year of induction. 
Key Club - open to students in grades 9 -12 who are interested in working on numerous community service projects. Key Club is affiliated with the Key Largo Kiwanis Club and is a student run leadership club.
The ICS INTERACT CLUB is affiliated with the two ROTARY CLUBS in the Upper Keys.  INTERACT is a student-led service organization existent for the purpose of contributing to the well-being of our community and world through service as opportunities are made available.   
Art Club - open to students in grades 7-12 with an interest in art. Members participate in face painting at our annual Christmas Festival, painting of booths for the Festival and various other community service projects.
INC Club - open to students in grades 7-12. One of the focuses of the group is re-cycling on campus. Students also discuss other areas of concern on campus and in the community.
Chess Club - Students gather to enjoy the game of chess as well as other puzzle challenges.
Spanish Club - Students will explore various Hispanic cultures including social customs, celebrations, and the love of food.
Outdoor Club - The students will explore the great outdoors including snorkeling,  hiking in the Everglades, biking, and other scheduled activities.
The Star  Monkeys- - Students will explore the Heavenly Bodies with evening star gazing parties and learning opportunities.
Dive Club - Dive certified students will work with the Coral Restoration Project and other marine groups with regularly scheduled dives and snorkeling activities.
Spirit Week. This is a school activity involving fun and laughter designed to raise school spirit. Activities involving class points are tallied each day in terms of class participation in costumes and themes. A field day is a school highlight of class competitions which could include egg tosses and relay races. This is a week of creativity and fun leading up to a big game.
Fine Arts - Although some plays and programs are required as part of the curriculum, others, including concerts and recitals, are extra-curricular. Often credit can be received for scheduled daily practices to give the student the best of both academic and extra-curricular participation
Student Government - Students are able to participate in the democratic process by serving as student body and class officers. Each student who runs for office will submit a personal nomination form which includes his personal testimony of salvation and Christian growth.   A "C" average and good social standing is required of all class officers in order to maintain their position. All class candidates should be faithful to church services prior to running for and while holding office. Students on probation may be restricted from holding a government office. The purpose and goals of our class organization are to give the students practical experience in correct parliamentary procedures and the democratic process.