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Although some plays and programs are required as part of the curriculum, others, including concerts and recitals, are extra-curricular. Often credit can be received for scheduled daily practices to give the student the best of both academic and extra-curricular participation


Music Program

Our music program, newly developed by our music director, Hedy Menendez, will challenge students to reap the benefits of learning an instrument. From music and cultlural appreciation to discipline and responsibility, the advantages of engaging with music are numerous, and ICS seeks to include this in our cirriculum to to ensure students are receiving a well-rounded education.


Studio 305

ICS partners with Studio 305 Dance and Cheerleading to provide ballet, tap, jazz, acro, hip-hop, tumbling, cheerleading classes to all students ages ages 2 to 12. These dance classes meet in the Dance Room of Island Christian School, and are the perfect place for young students to learn to dance. If interested in getting involved or would like more information, please contact the artistic director and owner of Studio 305, Jennifer Hodge, at or (979) 255 2958.


Spring Musical

Students will take part in a spring musical review in the second semester, headed by High School Bible teacher, David White.

Art Program

Our art program seeks to encourage students to express themselves in creative ways while learning the basic techniques required to master several different mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, and more. Our program also seeks to connect with the community of the Florida Keys, often inviting local artists to art classes and art club meetings to share their knowledge. This program is guided by Mrs. Gutierrez.