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  • God sent His son, and He desires that we receive Jesus and His incredible gift of an eternal relationship with Him.  As His children, He calls us to know and love Him with our entire being.  Through God’s presence and power, we are also called to love others as ourselves, and to introduce others to Him in loving, honest relationships. It has been said, ― Love the Lord with everything you have; and remember that you have never looked into the eyes of a person that didn’t matter to God.


  • We desire to be a Christ-centered biblical community. That means we must grow in our knowledge of - and most importantly - our love and obedience to our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Our desire is not to be an organization, but to become an interdependent organism. God wants us to function as one body, rather than a conglomerate of saved-but-isolated Christians.  That means that we must be Christ to one another – to genuinely care for each other, to be accountable to one another, and to support each other.


  • A vital step anyone can take after becoming a Christian is to move from being a spectator to becoming a key player. To be a player, it is customary to join the team. It is not enough too simply say, I am a baseball player. If you are not playing on a team, there is something missing! When you become a participating member, you move from being a spectator in the stands to being a starter on the playing field. But this is far more important than a game – it is our very reason for being on earth.


  • Becoming a member is the culmination of important steps.  But it’s not an end in itself, any more than finally being hired means your work is finished. To become a participating member of Island Community Church is to affirm both where you are spiritually and what spiritual-life direction you are taking. It is a step of  discipleship, a milestone on a lifelong path as we seek to follow Jesus together. Are you ready to take a serious and joyous next step in your Christian journey of becoming a participating member of Island Community Church?



Being a participating member of a local Body of Christ is essential for each of us and for the church collectively. 

Below, you will find our online membership manual.  

After reading the manual, simply download the form found on page 13 and return it to the church office. You may also request a printed copy of the manual, or the form on page 13. 

To access the manual to save or to print, simply click on the DOWNLOAD phrase below.  


May Christ richly bless your journey,

Pastor Tony 


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