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The goals set forth with our brand new Family Life Center

  • Our Goal is to extend the ministries, witness, and outreach of Island Community Church.
  • Our Goal is to provide facilities that meet the need of our congregation, school and community both now and for the future.
  • Our Goal is to provide a self perpetuating endowment fund that will allow us to increase our teacher’s pay and provide for the future needs of the school.
  • Our Goal is to prevent Island Community Church from being shackled by exorbitant interest payments from our construction loan thus negating the endowment fund.
  • Our Goal is to look for God’s guidance and direction – seeking the ways in which God wants to work through each of us.
  • A Celebration Goal is stepping forward in faith. How we Finish the Journey depends on how we allow God to reach into our lives and our willingness to commit ourselves.

Family Life Center Programs

Our physical education program will benefit by allowing us to offer a full scale intramural program and athletic curriculum comparable to other schools across the country.

FUEL: Providing a designated teen center for our popular middle and high school church youth group for meetings, games, dinners, parties and just hanging out.

Senior Adults: Social activities and life-skills training such as computer and internet use for our local senior citizens.

AWANA: Recreational needs and group events of our ever growing Awana clubs.

Boy Scouts: Troop 914 will use the facility for meeting and recreation needs.

Community: The possibility of sports leagues for children and adults beyond our church family. A staging area to serve as an emergency center during a hurricane disaster.

Ladies Ministry: A comfortable meeting room for Women to Women and other adult ministries.

Camps: Partnering with Joshua Expeditions, we will use our facilities to lead school children from all across the United States who stay on our campus for environmental camps and Christian youth camps.

Fitness: In keeping with our philosophy of educating mind, body and spirit, we have designated a physical fitness facility available to students and adults.