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Click Here For The 2018-2019 Parent-Student Handbook.



All parents and students of Island Christian School should become familiar with the current Parent/Student Handbook. This handbook is a condensed version of the policies and procedures of Island Christian School.  The material included is selected as being most pertinent to the families on a daily basis.  This is NOT intended to be an all inclusive list of the daily operational procedures of ICS.  Detailed policies are stated in the ICS Administrative Manual. 
Attendance at Island Christian School is a Privilege. Students forfeit this privilege if they do not conform to the standards and ideas of work and life of the school. The school may insist on the withdrawal of a student at any time that the student, in the opinion of the school, does not conform to the spirit of the ministry.  Student enrollment in Island Christian School indicates that parents, guardians, and the student agree to abide by all policies and procedures within the handbooks.
All parents are asked to sign in agreement each year.