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General Admission Guidelines

Official acceptance is based upon available space, character qualities, scholastic record, entrance testing, and a genuine desire on the part of the parent or child to attend a Christian school. The school maintains the right to refuse admission to anyone who fails to meet these requirements.
Although ICS’s academic emphasis is not exclusively college preparatory, students are accepted on the assumption that they can perform at least average work. Any student accepted under special academic consideration must maintain an accepted level as determined by the school administration in order to remain enrolled. Parents will be expected to give additional help at home, if required. Regrettably, our school is unable to meet the needs of mentally or emotionally handicapped children.
All students are admitted on a 9-week trial period. If a student fails to make acceptable progress, or does not adjust to the program of the school, the parents will be expected to give additional help at home or tutoring. Additional probation may be added for not completing homework or not meeting other academic requirements of the various subjects. See the Transfer Student section in Academics (of the current Parent/Student Handbook) for more details regarding this probationary acceptance to ICS.
ICS, as a private institution, reserves the privilege of setting and maintaining its own standards for students conduct, dress, cleanliness, and scholarship.  ICS maintains the right to suspend or expel any student who violates the standards set forth in the current handbook or other rules as defined by the administration.



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