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Three Year Old Kindergarten
Children must be 3 by September 1 to enter the K3 class. They are also required to be completely toilet trained. They must be able to initiate and manage the toileting procedure by themselves. If your child’s teacher finds that this is not the case, your child will be asked to delay school until he/she has mastered using the bathroom.
The K3 class introduces the children to God’s world and His love for all. In class the children learn responsibility and the social skills needed to play with others. Colors, number and letter recognition, and basic phonics are taught in a fun-filled creative manner. Small and large motor coordination and skill development are stressed through daily play in the classroom and outdoors.
Four Year Old Kindergarten
As the children progress to 4K, their social development increases as they learn to respect themselves and their peers. There is a strong emphasis on phonics as the foundation for reading. The children gain knowledge of written language as they learn to write letters and words. Children learn to print the letters, spell their names, and recognize numbers and their order. Spiritual growth is emphasized as Jesus Christ is introduced as savior and friend.
Five Year Old Kindergarten
Kindergarten at ICS begins the transition to a full day of academic work. The school year finds our kindergarten students concentrating on reading, math, Bible, handwriting and other solid academic class work such as science and social studies in preparation for elementary school. Kindergarten curriculum is centered around a traditional phonics based program for reading which builds upon the solid foundation from our 4K program. The math program allows the students to become successful in addition and subtraction of numbers as well as basic math concepts.


Good study habits are developed as the students are introduced to nightly homework during the second semester and participate in the Eagle Reading Club.
In addition to a solid, well-rounded basic academic education, ICS kindergarten students enjoy computer time, art, music, crafts, and outdoor play.
Students complete standardized testing at the end of the year prior to promotion to our first grade class.


Island Christian is required and follows Florida State law regarding age entrance requirements for Kindergarten. A child must be five prior to September 1 to enter the program. ICS does not make any exception.


After school care is available from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM each school day for Preschool through Third Grade students. Charges for Preschool and Kindergarten children are included in their tuition rates. Elementary students will be charged on an hourly rate in increments of 15 minutes. Parents are billed monthly with payment due upon receipt. There is an overtime charge assessed at 5:00 of $5. Charges will accrue at the rate of $1.00 per minute after 5:01.
FORMS - Necessary for Attendance

The following forms will be necessary for preschool:
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Health Form – completed and signed by physician (yellow form)
  • Student Social Security Number
  • Completed Application
  • Emergency Release Form
  • Parental Pledge
  • Immunization card (blue form)
  • Enrollment contract
Law requires that a student’s immunization records are available and up-to-date. Each child must have a complete record of their immunizations in order to be allowed in school.