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The Elementary students begin First Grade with a basic academic program including strong phonics, reading, math and communication skills. The curriculum becomes more intensive as the student progresses through the grades. By the completion of Sixth Grade, the student has a solid foundation in reading, math, English grammar, composition, communication, American and world history/geography, (including participation in the National Geographic Geography Bee) and earth and space science, and the basic principles of chemistry and physics.
The academics are complemented with music, including preparation for our annual Christmas musicals presented to parents and the public; listening skills; and art and physical education. Each classroom is equipped with a computer in addition to the desktop computer lab in the elementary library for expanded learning opportunities in all subjects. Students in First through Third Grades participate in physical education classes on our playground each afternoon in addition to their morning recess time. Grades 4 - 6 continue this training during their Physical Education classes on our High School athletic courts and fields five days per week. Throughout the year, these students participate in the President's Physical Fitness Program. Art instruction is given on a weekly basis to students in grades 2 - 6 by our art instructor. Many of their projects have received recognition and awards in local art competitions and shows. Island Christian School students always do well when participating in local poster and essay contests.
Each of our Elementary students is highly encouraged to participate in the Eagle Reading Club. Recognition is given on a monthly basis by the Principal in an assembly for all students who have read and recorded the pages read independently outside of assigned class reading. This reading club is designed to encourage good reading habits at home, including parental involvement.


We at Island Christian School are proud of our school and consider it a blessing from God. We believe that we are instructed to educate the total child in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6). To us, this means we are to give him an excitement for life and learning -not just book knowledge. As a part of our total education at Island Christian Elementary School, each class incorporates a number of field trips, guest speakers and hands-on learning experiences.