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Here at Island Christian School, it is our sincere desire to create a school culture where students can DISCOVER their God-given design, DEVELOP their skills and talents, and DEVOTE themselves to the Lord, with the ultimate goal of reaching their potential and influencing their world for Christ. 
We understand that each student comes with their own set of readiness levels, experiences, and learning styles that influence their understanding academically and socially. Therefore, we create classroom environments with active learning communities where students are encouraged to explore and question, in order to make sense of and connect with their learning in relevant ways. All this is to motive them to give their best and achieve academic excellence. High expectations are set through academic rigor, with a focus on academic quality rather than quantity. Best researched instructional strategies are implemented to expand critical thinking skills, increase self-efficacy, and promote ownership of learning. Another element we stress is the ability to effectively collaborate well with others; a necessary life skill. 
Through our Christ-centered environment, students become aware that God is intimately involved in every aspect of their life. Our students participate in a variety of service projects within the community helping them learn the importance of giving back, serving others, and expanding their awareness of proper and positive stewardship. Biblical integration is a vital component that is presented throughout the curriculum, which cultivates a strong sense of morality, Christ-like character, and devotion to God and one another throughout our student body, faculty, administration, and beyond. 
Our students are also passionate and committed to the student life and athletic programs that are offered. These enhance our students’ talents, improves leadership skills, and encourages self-discipline, which enriches school spirit, the overall school environment, and its reputation. 
Our teachers are passionate and committed to the call God has placed on their lives in educating students. They work diligently to promote academic excellence while guiding students to foster a Biblical worldview that will transform their lives. The heart of our ministry at ICS is in helping your child develop a love for learning and a love for Jesus, which produces life-long learners. 
On behalf of the faculty and staff, thank you for choosing ICS. It is our honor and privilege to partner with you in educating your child to DISCOVER their God-given design, DEVELOP their skills and talents, and DEVOTE themselves to the Lord. 
Terri L. White, M.Ed. 
Head of School