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Island Christian School has its origins in and continues to be a ministry of Island Community Church. The church was established in a local home in 1968 under pastor Bruce Porter, and in 1974, bought the Cinemorada Theater with the intentions of creating a new Christian School to serve the Florida Keys. ICS opened its doors with former Coral Shore High School Biology and Marine Science teacher Tony Hammon as its principal, with nine teachers and fifty-four students. 
Over the years, the school has grown in both size and attendance, adding many staff members and the buildings that are here today. The high school campus was built, the property behind it was allocated for the use of the SOWERS, and Richard Oates had taken over the position of headmaster as Tony Hammon had become the pastor of Island Community Church. A capital campaign known as Journey of Faith allowed for the construction of the most recent addition to the Island Christian School property in 2009: the Family Life Center, a gymnasium with meeting rooms today used for everything from sports events to church classes to community outreach.
Today, Island Christian School still strives to provide a quality Christian education to the families of the Florida Keys under the direction of Head of School Terri White. From a rigorous cirriculum and competitive athletics to fine arts, clubs and experiential learning programs, we aim to put Christ in the center of it all to give students a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.